In Paris with You Analysis

Topics: Poetry, Love, Rhyme Pages: 4 (1408 words) Published: February 26, 2013
Analysis of poem
This is an interesting poem that appears to deal with the subject of a person rebounding from a failed relationship into a new romantic encounter set against the cliched romantic backdrop of Paris. However, upon closer inspection it seems that despite the overt romantic language and imagery there is also a dark side of this poem suggesting that the heartbroken speaker is merely looking for some company to help them deal with the fallout of a failed relationship.The title of the poem, 'In Paris With You' establishes what the reader supposes is the setting of the poem: Paris. It is perhaps useful to remember that some people refer to Paris as 'the city of romance' or 'the most romantic city in the world' due to its association with romantic literature, 19th century liberalism, the sexual freedoms of the 1960s and a general racial stereotype that maintains that French people enjoy pleasure above all else. Stereotypes aside (we should never deal with stereotypes) Paris is a beautiful and historic city perfect for a romantic trip away or 'dirty weekend'. The title of the poem immediately puts the reader in mind of romance, particularly that the title indicates that the speaker is in Paris with someone else. It could be that the poet is establishing a cliched setting for a poem that despite its overtly romantic language is actually dealing with what could be an awkward sexual encounter between two strangers. On the other hand, the poem could be a celebration of finding new love, or an exciting and unexpected romance in one of the most beautiful cities in the world.  The poem starts with a morose tone and imagery suggestive of a break-up. The speaker starts with the negative imperative 'don't talk to me about love' which immediately tells the reader that love is a difficult subject for the speaker. The speaker goes on to explain how they get tearful when they have had a drink, punning the phrase 'walking wounded' which is a military phrase referring to...
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