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In Our Current Prison System There Are Many Contraversies on How ...

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In Our Current Prison System There Are Many Contraversies on How to House and Prison

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  • April 2010
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In our current prison system there are many controversies on how to house and punish criminals. Some individuals think there is money to be saved if private prisons were used more to help with the overcrowding and the financial problems the United States has been dealing with, others think that this would be a big mistake at the prisoners expense of their welfare, they also think that the prison system should be controlled and ran by the government because corrections is part of the deprivation of liberty. The privately run prisons are trying to take over the government funded prisons to make a profit in today’s society and this leads to many arguments about who has the best interest of the citizens who need protecting from these criminals instead of where can corners be cut to save a dollar. The rivalry of the prison systems purpose still continues with individuals and groups that think the government should stay in control of criminals who are convicted and sentenced in the system. When it comes to shaping and influencing the Americans it is all about the money and what can be saved by cutting corners. In the maximum security prison it is totally intended to keep the prisoner locked up from doing harm to others and their selves, this type of prison is meant for the most dangerous criminals. The medium security prison houses inmates that have committed less serious crimes than maximum security prisoners and are not considered to be a high risk of escaping so there is a more relaxed atmosphere. The minimum security prisons are usually for first time offenders, non violent criminals and white collar criminals. The security is not as restrictive as the medium prisons, some people say that minimum security is like taking a vacation at a country club. In this prison atmosphere there are no armed guards. The differences between publicly funded and privately funded prisons are that privately funded prisons have competitive...

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