In Love & Trouble: a Collection of Short Stories- Book Review

Topics: Short story, Black people, Fiction Pages: 3 (666 words) Published: February 23, 2011
Shannon M. Hartley

Dr. Jerry Giddens

English 11W

April 20, 2010

In Love & Trouble:

A Collection of Short Stories by Alice Walker

Alice Walker's novel "In Love and Trouble” is a collection of short stories that shows the struggles of black women and their experiences with love. In this paper, I will summarize stories from the novel and reviews of those stories.

The collection begins with the story of Roselily, an older black woman with four children who decides to marry a Muslim man in order to escape poverty in rural Mississippi . She is a single parent ready to trade in her old lifestyle for a new one in the Chicago, even though she does not know what all is to be expected after marriage. Once the ceremony begins, she starts to feel uncertain about her husband, Chicago, and the life they will live there.

The review shows that many women in Walker 's novels, like Roselily, have not placed themselves in their situations. In this story, Walker shows that even big changes such as marriage, religion, and Christian belief, were not changing the preconceptions of the role of women in this era. It suggests that Walker 's characters deal with these particular problems because of the society they live in.

The next story in her collection is titled "Everyday Use". This story begins with an older black mother telling about her two daughters, while waiting for the eldest, Dee, to arrive home. She describes Dee as being smart, pretty, and feels that she is superior to others. Her younger sister,

Maggie, was burned and bruised after the burning down of their old home. The ugly scars leave her feeling less than others, especially her well educated sister. When Dee grows older she

Hartley 2

moves away to attend college and marries a Muslim man and practices their religious beliefs. After changing her name to "Wangero Leewanika Kemanjo", she returns to her home asking her mother for a particular quilt that was given by her...
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