"In Good Company" and Social Relationships

Topics: Behavior, Social relation, Interpersonal relationship Pages: 3 (1224 words) Published: September 27, 2011
“In Good Company” -Social Relationships
Relationships are an important part of everyday life. They are important in the social aspect of friendship and in the working environment. "In Good Company" is a movie about relationships and the business world. Dan Foreman, a 51 year old man, is the Sales Director at Sports America magazine. He is a very good salesman who has built relationships with his customers. When Sports America has an unexpected take over by Globe Com, Dan and his co-workers find their world turned on end. Dan finds himself demoted to a wingman for the new boss, Carter Duryea. The 26-year old Carter is not a salesman, but he has had success in the business world. He is in over his head, and must rely on Dan's assistance if he wants any chance to succeed. When Dan first meets Carter, he is amazed at how young his new boss is. He asked him how old he is and what experience he has in ad sales. Of course, Carter has no ad sales experience. Carter’s first impression with all the employees of Sports America Magazine is at a meeting telling them they have to increase ad sales by twenty percent. He wants to use synergy by using other Globe Com companies to sell ads to. If they do not increase ad sales, he has to fire people. The following week Carter tells Dan that he needs to let more people go at the company. Dan says to him why say “let go” and not “fired,” because no one really wants to go. Carter goes home one evening to find his wife of seven months had suitcases by the door. She tells him that she is leaving, she had an affair, and that she never has wanted children. Carter is lonely and wants everyone to go into work on a Sunday for a few hours. After inviting himself to come over for Sunday dinner at Dan's house, Carter is surprised by the nice life that Dan has put together for himself. Carter meets Alex, Dan’s oldest daughter and Dan’s pregnant wife. Alex invites Carter to foosball, where they begin to open up to each other. Carter...
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