In General, People Are Living Longer Now. Discuss the Causes of This Phenomenon

Topics: Medicine, Health care, Nutrition Pages: 2 (639 words) Published: November 29, 2010
In general , people are living longer now. Discuss the causes of this phenomenon.

With the development of human’s civilization , nowadays , people are living longer than before. Besides many factors that lead to it, there are three main factors for this phenomenon : “ Firstly, people can eat more healthy and nutrient food; secondly , the government invests more money in the medical system to take care of people ; last but not least, human realize that they can benefit from doing sport and exercises.” . The reasons and examples list below will strengthen my point of view.

First of all , as the increase of technology , the process of shipping and making foods is improved as well . Today , if you live in an island with no tropical fruit , it is still easy for you to get some of them in a supermarket or target .And if you live in a big city, I am sure every stores can give you the freshest fish you deserve . With the advanced transportation and preserve , distances nowadays are no longer problem for delivery of food. Furthermore , the high standard of living causes people don’t worry about the cost of the food anymore but the nutrient balance in the food. They’d rather to see the ingredients of the food they want to buy first, then looking at the prize of it. Therefore, in order to sell more products, many companies are tend to find out the way to make their product more nutrient to attract the customers and this trend leads to the proliferation of healthy food , make healthy foods are available for everyone now. Along with healthy food, the second thing I want to mention is the exertion of government to bring a good care of health to people.

Secondly , it is no doubt that government pays more attention to medical systems today than before. There are a lot of hospitals are built in everywhere and even in a solitary places ,to make medical care available for everyone. I can not deny that not everyone can get the best medical care, it depends on their...
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