In Favour of Euthanasia

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  • Published : August 24, 2007
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You are now 25 years old; you are having an excellent life. You have just come out of university and now have a great job that pays well… A tragic accident means that you are now paralysed, forced to live out an existence in a hospital bed. You go from loving life to despising it. As much as you want to live, you have lost your will. You express this wish to the doctors, who are young adults like yourself, this decision that you have lost sleep over, and they say, "you will get better"… how frustrated would you be? Can u imagine to live like this forever…

One of the most controversial issues in the recent past has been the question of legalizing the right to a dignified death, or euthanasia (a good death). Like the question of capital punishment or suicide, euthanasia is controversial since it involves the deliberate taking of human life.

Euthanasia good death is derived from the Greek - euthos (easy) and thanos (dying). Euthanasia is the intentional premature termination of another person's life either by direct intervention (active euthanasia) or by withholding life-prolonging measures (passive euthanasia), either at the express or implied request of that person (voluntary euthanasia), or in the absence of such approval (non-voluntary euthanasia. The issue of euthanasia has fascinated and troubled sensitive and concerned persons through the centuries. Plato, in The Republic, condemned physicians who allowed patients to suffer from lingering death and suggested euthanasia. So did Seneca when he raised the query of whether man is lengthening his life or death. Indian philosophical tradition has justified the idea of willing one's death (ichacha maran) Even a person like Gandhi, whose name is synonymous with non-violence, supported this idea. A common argument in support of euthanasia is that rather than degenerate helplessly, the ill person can choose to make an honourable exit. In my opinion, life should be a matter of choice, I...
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