In Every Journey There Are Obstacles to Overcome

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  • Published : September 3, 2012
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In every Journey there are obstacles to overcome
Inner journeys often compel the individual to contemplate challenges faced throughout life through a continual process of self reflection. This process can be seen in the following texts, Dante’s Inferno & Kublai Khan by samuel taylor colleridge. Each text reveals self reflection whereby leads the person to question themselves. Secondly they both indicate that there are challenges in life metaphorically or allegorically represented in the imaginative journey. Finally each text shows that a journey is non-linear, and that the intended destination will be delayed or altered due to obstacles that are faced. All which represent obstacles in the journey. The self-reflective aspects of the inner journey compel the individual to come to a mutual understanding with their strengths & weaknesses. The beasts represent Dante’s temptation and sins, at which he came across them he began to crumble to the point where he was tempted to withdraw from the journey. “poet, who guidest me, regard my manhood, if it be sufficient ere to the ordous pass thou dost confide me”. Virgil reassures Dante that this fear is a state of mind, and this is the obstacles obstructing his path to redemption. Each text demonstrates how obstacles and barriers always arise in inner journeys. “And all should cry, Bewar! Beware!, his flashing eyes, his floating hair”. In line 49-54, samuel taylor coleridge shows us the other side of xanadu. After describing the beautiful, paradisical scenery and lustrous emotions he experiences, an ostacle aroused of somewhat a strange spirit, a creature that is very scary. “flashing eyes, floating hair”. After being indulged into the world of xanadu an unexpected object appears to which Samuel Taylor coleridge leaves open ended to add to the mysterical halt of the journey in xanadu. Finally, each text reveals that inner-journeys are non-linear, having no fixed destination. Dante the pilgrim finds himself in a dark forest at the very...