In Depth Description on the Different Reasons Why People Communicate

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  • Published : February 29, 2012
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1. – Give an in depth description on the different reasons people communicate.

Communicating clearly is an essential skill for all involved as our survival and success is dependent on our ability to communicate. Whether it be in large/small groups, one 2 one or in an organization, school or a hospital settings, effective communication involves listening, questioning, understanding and responding. This does not have to be in the form of the spoken word but can consist of facial expressions, eye contact, body language:- posture, actions and or gestures, tone of voice, pauses and taking it in turns. As a practitioner, you must always take into account that there are some cultures and contexts where English is not the first spoken language, therefore you must know how to choose the most effective way to communicate i.e. translator.

When babies cry or scream, that is their way of communicating to us that something is not right. It could be their hungry, wet, tired, teething etc. With 3 to 5 year old, they should be gaining confidence to try and string sentences together. In this phase of communicating the roles need to be reversed so the adult spends more time listening and asking the child interesting questions. This is to encourage empowerment within the child when speaking as their thoughts can travel more quickly than their words. For example you may find that a child of this age will want to show things they have found or made and will want you to show and interest and more importantly, to listen to them as they speak. If a child feels stressed, they could stammer, also known as dysfluency, and if not addressed in the early stages of language development, could lead to the child not wanting to talk in group situations now or later in life. It is equally important that questions are not used to instigate, test or miss lead the child as this can actually prevent children from talking to you.

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