In Defense of Our Faith: Beautiful Truths There Are in the Bible

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  • Published : October 18, 2012
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In Defence of our FAITH.
* Thank God for the leaders and the committee of the Youth fellowship for giving me another opportunity to share with you on the beautiful truths there are in the Bible. 1John 4:1-7; 2Cor 11:1-6; Gal 1

In defending something, we fight our guts out to win an argument or simply to set our points right. When it comes to our faith, or our personal relationship with God left hanging or being threatened, we need to take action. As future leaders, we will have a fellowship to run, ministry to nuture, or basically why we all here for, we will run and manage a family, we need to defend the outside force trying to spoil the standard already being set forth to be followed. We will always defend things we love. * Ice breaker- Fire truck putting out the fire and their reward. - from the early church years, this was a major threat to Christian faith. When ‘outside force’ of beliefs; doctrines; teachings etc was a big threat to the truth they knew. - within families; within organization; within youth fellowship, or even within self etc there will always be something that will be against us. *** A few points I want to share with us within this few minutes/ hours, in general regards to the defence of our faith.

1. Our Personal Standing before CHRIST:
i. Christ birth, ministry, death, burial, resurrection and ascension (Gospels) - some say that it can’t be, He cannot be God and man at the same time - some say that If so, then he probably had some sin in Him, in regards to His taking up Flesh. - Some argue that it’s not well supported, resurrection.

ii. Indwelling of the Holy Spirit and the Impartation of the Holy Spirit (Acts 2) - Once in the instance of accepting Christ
- No such thing as receive a deposit now and later the full power of it - Until Christ comes
2. What to Accept and what not to:
i. Anything that is not biblically supported
- The bible being our only last revelation of what God wants of us to...
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