In Consumer Opinion Did Jjb Sports Lack of Response to Competition & Consumer Trends Play a Contributing Role to Their Demise.

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In consumer opinion did JJB sports lack of response to competition & consumer trends play a contributing role to their demise.

Executive Summary

This report aims to identify if consumers think that JJB sports lack of response to competition and consumer trends played a contributing role in their demise. The report outlines key models and theories from which to analyse data that has been collected through a survey and case study. The main question is broken down into 3 key objectives that are considered to be the best way to reach a conclusion from the questioned posed. A critical literature has been provided to understand the theory and models used in the research. The objectives along with the use of a survey and relevant data have been used to show there have been changes in trends and competition that JJB Sports failed to respond to. The competition can be seen through the data to have commanded a competitive advantage over JJB Sports in recent years, JJB sports did not seem to try and differentiate themselves in order to combat these changes in the market, which thus made their marketing strategy weak, this was reinforced through the survey as although consumers were aware of their presence and product offerings they did not see any uniqueness in the brand.

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Methodology Page 11
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On October 1st 2012 JJB sports went into administration, many theories and ideas have been published as to the core reasons behind the fall of JJB Sports. As with any fall of a company this size there will be many contributing causes, the most highlighted cause is believed to be the miss management off JJB during the period of 2007-09 "Chris Ronnie ruined the reputation of the company in his short tenure of JJB Sports. It never recovered from the mismanagement”(Kollewe, 2012). These factors will not be dismissed but the purpose of this research document will be to look at their problems from a marketing perspective; specifically to ascertain whether the consumer trends in the market were changing and how effective JJB Sports was in competing with others in the market place. JJB Sports has large product portfolio but its main sales channel was sports goods clothing, the focus on this area will be of particular interest along with that of internet based purchases which have rose considerably in recent years. To determine whether the chosen factors rightfully contributed to the fall of JJB a set of research objectives have been chosen that should highlight the relevant issues.


Research Objectives
* Gain Insight as to what consumers trends and habits are dictating the market place. * If so what are the changes and trends in the market that have allowed other sports retailers to differentiate themselves and maintain a competitive advantage? * To determine JJB sports place in this market and how effective they were in responding to both competitors and changes in consumer trends.

Gaining insight into consumer trends and habits is key to this research, as they will outline the factors that are influencing the buyer’s decision and also what the consumers want or expect from a sports goods retailer. This objective will be the backbone providing the information from which to compare findings from the other objectives.

Pinpointing the changes & trends in the market place that competitors have followed or pursued will help to highlight whether it is these trends that have allowed JJB’s competitors to...
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