In Cold Blood: Novel Analysis

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  • Published : November 12, 2012
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In Cold Blood
“You're a young man. Forty-eight. And from the looks of you, from what the medical report tells us, we're likely to have you around a couple of weeks more” (Capote 47). This quote from Mr. Johnson from the first section of the novel The Last To See Them Alive puzzles me because he said that Mr. Clutter would be around for a couple of weeks more rather then a couple of years more. Capote makes it more bewildering by having Mr. Clutter respond with “Tell the truth, I feel pretty good. And pretty optimistic. I've got an idea a man could make some real money around here the next few years” (Capote 47). These two quotes are positive, yet the words that Capote makes them say are negative towards the lifespan of Mr. Clutter, because Mr. Johnson is saying that Mr. Clutter in pretty good enough shape to live a couple of more weeks. But Mr. Clutter replied, saying that he's feeling good enough to make a good fortune for a few more years. Capote made both characters say this to mislead the reader into thinking that Mr. Clutter would be alive a tad bit longer. Mr. Clutter hands Mr. Johnson a check for the first payment of a forty thousand dollar life insurance policy. That would be paid in double indemnity if someone from the Clutter family were to die accidentally. This foreshadows that something ominous is going to happen to Mr. Clutter and his family. In this quote by Mr. Fox “I have even heard on more than one occasion that the man, when found, should be hanged from the nearest tree. Let us not feel this way. The deed is done Nguyen 2

and taking another life cannot change it. Instead, let us forgive as God would have us do. It is not right that we should hold a grudge in our hearts. The doer of this act is going to find it very difficult indeed to live with himself. His only peace of mind will be when he goes to God for forgiveness. Let us not stand in the way but instead give prayers that he may find his peace” (Capote 107). I found this quote from Mr....
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