In Cold Blood Essay

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  • Published : October 1, 2012
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AP Composition: Essay Assignment for Truman Capote’s In Cold Blood. Monique Steyn.
Murder, mystery, suspense. For the first time these elements were combined into a non-fiction novel In Cold Blood by Truman Capote. In Cold Blood was, according to the author, based solely on real occurrences. After 5years of intense research and two more years of transcribing that research the novel was published in 1965.It was an in depth account of the horrific murders of the Clutters, an All-American family, the murderers (Dick Hickok and Perry Smith) and what lead to this gruesome tale. Although Capote attempted to write a novel completely absent of a visible author, Capote developed close ties to the murderers and thus being objective would be increasingly difficult. So despite his efforts to be perceived as invisible, Capote is present and can be “seen” through his bias and attention to detail, or lack thereof. Being the author entitles one to certain powers, and Capote had the power to add, or even withhold essential  Capotes book is written to a large extent in the form of a narrative, where others accounts are the basis to the story. “Sliding off Babe, she sprawled on the grass at the edge of the garden and seized her cat, dangled him over her, and kissed his nose and whiskers.”(Page 40) This was not the creative mind of Mr. Capote who thought that this would be a nice addition to his nonfiction novel. No, this was the last account of Nancy before her murder, given by Mr. Helm. Truman could have chosen to put that account in a different form, perhaps displaying more of himself. But instead of that, Truman uses Mr. Helms account, and leaves it in this form. This is where Truman is attempting to convince the reader into thinking that he is in fact not present, the account is objective and un-opinionated; the events are not of his making, but simply the factual occurrence. This however is not the trend for the entire book… Despite Capotes attempt to be...
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