In Another Country

Topics: Soldier, Death, American football Pages: 2 (657 words) Published: December 15, 2012
The narrator of this story is an American former football player, who has been wounded in the knee. He describes the group of friends he has made at the hospital: three wounded Italian officers who had planned to be a lawyer, painter, and soldier before the war, respectively. Another young wounded soldier tags along with the narrator and his group, but has to wear a handkerchief over his face as most of it was damaged and rebuilt during the war. As the narrator returns to the hospital daily to sit in the machines that exercise his leg, the major with the withered hand teaches him Italian. One day, the major becomes angry when the narrator mentions he plans to marry, saying that men must not marry because they will inevitably lose their wives. Then he apologizes to the narrator, explaining that his young wife has just died. Thereafter, each time the major returns to the hospital to use the machines, he stares out the window rather than paying any attention to his treatment.

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1. The wounded soliders in this story, are seperating by people who live in the street around the hospital. The narrator states that people on the street hate officers and yell at him as he walks pass. We sense in this story that the soldiers, particularly the major, are alive physically, but dead emotionally. Some wounds, however, are just too painful. The major has lost his young wife to pneumonia. As he stares out the window surrounded by photographs on the wall, the "before and after" photos showing the miracle restorative powers of the machines, we realize that there are some wounds that can never heal. 2. In page 142:" the people hated us.....some one called out " A basso gli ufficial" as we passed. In Page 145: " I am so wife has just died..." 3. Yes, the dead animals hanging outside of the shop like the soliders who died lonely and coldness in the war...... 4. I think it isn't important to know the identity of the young American...
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