In Another Country

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In Another Country
* Wounded
* The patient’s leg seems to be broken and he is in therapy to fix it. * The three boys who also go to the hospital are wounded in some way, one has a broken nose and his face is deformed. * The doctor’s wife died so he is wounded emotionally and mentally. * Detached

* Author says he is detached from everything and nothing held them together except for the hospital. Literary Devices/Style:
* Anaphora
* “…and the wind blew their tails. The deer hung stiff and heavy and empty, and small birds blew in the wing and the wind turned their feathers. It was a cold fall and the wing came down from the mountains.” (206) * “We were all at the hospital every afternoon, and there were different ways of walking across the town through the dusk to the hospital. Two of the ways were alongside canals, but they were long, Anyways though you crossed a bridge across a canal to enter the hospital. There was a choice of three bridges.On one of them a woman sold roasted chestnuts. It was warm, standing in frontofhercharcoal fire, and the chestnuts were warm afterward in your pocket.” (206) * Punctuation (commas)

* “They were all three from Milan, and one of them was to be a lawyer, and one was to be a painter, and one had intended to be a soldier, and after we were finished with the machines, sometimes we walked back together to the Café Cova, which was next door to the Scala.” (207) * Author uses dialogue to develop the story more and include more insight on what each character is dealing with. * Author also uses his own thoughts to describe what he is feeling and it unravels the other character’s personality as well.
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