In an Effort to Overcome the Water Pollution

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  • Published : July 24, 2010
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Over two thirds of Earth’s surface is covered by water and less than a one third is taken up by land. Since world is developing and Earth’s population continuous to grow people are putting huge pressure on the planets resources. In a sense Earth’s resources are being squeezed by human activities. Such these activities mostly make the Asian’s water resources polluted. Therefore, Asian governments should find some strategies and techniques in order to solve water pollution, especially in Asian seas. There are mainly two solutions that Asian governments should introduce in order to prevent water pollution in Asian seas. To begin with, Asian governments should prevent water pollution by educational strategies. Because making people aware of the problems is the first step to solve it. First and the most important strategy are designing advertisement. Although it may seem less valuable and significant to some people, it has great impact on society in order to change their tunes. Media is important tool that has to be considered. By giving short, knowledgeable advertisement between the popular programs and most seen films or series will make people conscious about the water pollution. And also the advertisements must not be forgotten. For one the society is so resourceful in order to improve and enhance oneself with the knowledge. For that reason advertisements in the work places, on streets, on the roads have great impact on the people in order to be conscious about today’s problems. Furthermore governments should not restrict the solution of water pollution by designing advertisements instead they have to create communities to keep people together to think about water problems. In addition, universities play vital role in the Asian countries. Creating communities in universities will force students to think about water pollution and such procedures will contribute to the societies’ thought. Moreover creating communities...
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