Impulsivity or Fate

Topics: Archduke Franz Ferdinand of Austria, Thought, English-language films Pages: 2 (776 words) Published: July 14, 2011
Life altering decisions are often impulsive. In the story IND AFF Fay Weldon takes the reader through both a historical event as well as a current event which alter the life/lives of the people being discussed. Since the outcomes in each event are so important, one would think that the decision to act would have been well thought out and reasoned rather than impulsive. However, both decisions were made due to a chance circumstance that caused the person to act immediately without the forethought one should give to an act of such importance.

The impulsive decision that causes Princip to act is the chance incident wherein Archduke Franz Ferdinand’s driver makes a wrong turn and ends up directly in front of the soon to be assassin. Princip uses this unexpected opportunity to kill the Archduke and his wife. Princip did not have a “formal” plan of attack, nor did he have previsions for a quick escape. He saw the opportunity and made the impulsive decision to shoot immediately. “Princip saw the archduke’s car parked outside, and went for it.” (para. 37) Although he had planned to assassinate the Archduke, his first attempt was unsuccessful and as he was “recovering” from the failed attempt, he saw the lost vehicle. Without additional thought, he made a decision that changed so many lives. His action changed the world; however, the thought behind the action was as simple as taking a breath. One might argue that these decisions should be better planned; however, I believe that life unfolds due to a series of impulsive decisions.

As for the narrator of the story, she also makes a life altering decision due to a chance encounter. She decides her future (as well of the future of her lover and his wife) due to a chance glance at two waiters. This character decides to leave her older, married lover rather than create a life with him. Even though she was in love with him and he met all of her qualifications, “… he was six foot two...
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