Impulsive Purchase

Topics: Retailing, Purchasing, Behavior Pages: 5 (1448 words) Published: September 30, 2010
Executive summary:
In this essay we have discussed buyer behaviors. The difference between impulsive purchase and unplanned purchase. Defined impulsive purchase and give example of it. Highlight the main difference between impulsive purchase and unplanned purchase. Provide real life example to support my point. What are the factors which force us to indulge into such type of behavior. What are the impacts of these factors on our buying habits. What is meant by “what happens in Vegas stays in Vegas” means and how people use this quote to reduce the consequence of impulsive behavior? What are the after effects of these buying habits and how they affect people life. How people feel regretful when their habit of impulsive buying become compulsive. Introduction:

There is no big difference between impulsive purchase and unplanned purchase as stated by (Quester & Neil, 2001) that impulsive purchases are purchases that are made in a store. These purchases are different from those the consumer has planned to make before entering the store. The term impulsive purchase is often called unplanned purchase. The term impulsive purchase and even its more accurate substitute unplanned purchase implies a lack of rationality or alternative evaluation. However this is not necessarily true. Buying two boxes of chocolate instead of one because it is on special would not be treated as impulsive purchase.

To discuss this further we take into account the main difference between impulsive and unplanned purchase is as mentioned by (Rook ,1987,p.191) that impulsive purchase occur when we suddenly purchase some product without any pre-shopping intention. For example we enter in a men’s clothing store without any intention to buy any product and suddenly we saw a shirt and you feel a great urge to buy that product that you can’t resist and without caring for the price you buy that product that comes into the category of impulsive buying. Unplanned purchases are not very different from impulsive purchases. In unplanned purchases the main difference is that you don’t feel urge to buy any product. Unplanned purchases are mostly of regular nature products like cereals and other grocery products. We can take a regular example of our daily routine purchasing of grocery for example if we enter into a store to buy bread for your breakfast and in store you find that bread is on special with milk and you buy the milk too. As stated by (Quester & Neil, 2001) Marketing managers of big store use a lot of more complicated and interactive point of purchase displays to attract consumer’s attention in store. Like they make the layout of store in such way that people are more attracted to make unplanned purchases by putting gums and drinks more visible so people buy them. As stated by (Quester & Neil, 2001) a useful classification scheme has been developed by R.W. Belk based on five types of objectively measured situations. 1. Physical surroundings.

2. Social surrounding.
3. Temporal perspective.
4. Task definition.
5. Antecedent states.
Physical surroundings:
It is a widely type of situational influence. For example store interiors are often designed to create specific feelings in shoppers so that there is an important reinforcing effect on their purchases. Music also has an impact on consumer’s moods and triggers their buying habits. Social surroundings:

The concept of social surrounding is the presence of other people who could have impact on your buying behaviors. For example, Italian, Chinese and Anglo-Saxons prefer different types of food where business associates are present as compared to where parents are present. Temporal Perspective:

The effect of time on consumer behavior is very important. If a consumer has less time this will impact their shopping behavior and number of outlets like retail outlets like corner shops and petrol stations have taken advantage of these temporal situations. Antecedent states:

These are classified...
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