Impulse Control Disorders

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Riyn Williams
December 1, 2012
Mr. Roberts
Research Paper: President Ronald Reagan

Ronald Reagan

Since 1788, there has been a so called “leader” known as the President who runs

this country, the United States of America. The President has major jobs and/or priorities

to take care of in the United States such as the people and America itself. The President is

the Commander and Chief of the Military forces, can veto and approve laws, appoints

court officials, enforces treaties, and much more.[1] There have been some great as well as

some bad Presidents in America’s history. Some have made a huge difference and some

have made no change at all. One of those great presidents and the 40th President, was the

man named Ronald Reagan. His Presidency for the Untied States was from 1981-1989.

In the town of Tampico, Illinois, Ronald Wilson Reagan was born on the 6th of

February, 1911. Reagan is the youngest of two sons from John and Nelle Reagan. Reagan

has a normal childhood growing up. He was active in sports as well as being well-

educated. Reagan has been married two times, the first marriage Jane Wyman and the

second to Nancy Davis. Reagan has a total of three children and is the only “U.S.

President to have been divorced.” Reagan was involved in World War II making army

training videos for the army. He was highly involved in Hollywood for a while starring in

movies and television series.[2]

Reagan began getting involved in political events such as for people running

for the United States Senate and supporting candidates running for different offices. In

1960, Reagan registered as a Democrat but quickly changes to a Republican in 1962.

What really started Reagan political career was when Reagan gave a televised speech to

Presidential candidate Barry Goldwater called “A Time for Choosing”.[3] Reagan emerged

on the national political scene in 1964 when he made fervent television speech in support

of the Republican presidential candidate, United States Senator Barry Goldwater from

Arizona. Although the election was lost, Reagan's speech brought in money and

admiration from Republicans around the country. After the speech a group of

Republicans in California persuaded Reagan to run for governor of California in 1966. In

1965-66, Reagan ran for office of the Governor of California. He defeated the incumbent

California Governor by a large margin. Another four years passed, and Reagan was re-

elected for another term as California Governor.

Through his years of being Governor, Reagan announces his Republican

Candidacy for the Presidency of the United States. He loses the nomination to Ford but in

1979, Reagan does get the Republican Party nomination. Later the next year in 1980,

Ronald Reagan wins the presidency over Jimmy Carter. Reagan’s charm and happy face

was a call for return to patriotism, which appealed to the public. “Reagan was the oldest

person elected for the U.S. Presidency.”[4] As president, Reagan defined his management

style as to identify the problem, find the right individuals to do the job, and then let them

go to it. Reagan also received strong support from religious groups, who were unhappy

with what they saw as decreasing respect for religion in public life and about increasing

respect to sex and drugs, that had emerged in the late 1960s. These groups had little in

common, but stood on Reagan’s side to make changes. Not even a year after his

Inauguration, Reagan survived an attempted assassination by a man named John

Hinckley Jr. Reagan, being the strong man that he was, was back to the position of

President within several weeks.

To start off his first term his presidency, Reagan had to deal with the economy, the end of the Cold War, and international and national conflicts. One of his major changes he did was Reagan nominated Sandra Day O’Conner as...
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