Improvised Buzzer

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  • Published : December 22, 2012
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Improvised Buzzer

I. Materials
* Wood
* Block of wood
* Ballpen or any stick (needed: just the body of the ballpen) * Nail
* Screw
* Metal bowl
* Metal
* Copper wire
* Masking tape
* Switch
* Socket

II. Procedure
1. Prepare the materials needed for the making of the improvised buzzer. 2. Cut a piece of wood enough for the project.
3. Get the body of the ballpen and cut a 2 inch part of it. 4. Hammer the stick into the block of wood and then put it underneath the metal bowl. Hammer it. Making of the Solenoid:
5. Put a stopper at the both end of the screw.
6. Cover the screw using a masking tape so that it will not explode. 7. Using the copper wire, thousand turns will be needed to cover the metal completely. 8. After covering it, put again a masking tape around it to cover it so that it will stay still.

9. Put a hole for the solenoid to fit in.
10. Put the solenoid into the hole and make sure it is fitted into the hole. 11. Connect the first end of the wire into the switch while the other one should be connected in the socket. 12. Put the metal above the solenoid (beside the metal bowl) and attach it on the wood. 13. Turn on the buzzer; it will produce a sound because of the electromagnetism between the solenoid and the metal.

Improvised Buzzer

Submitted By:
Glen Hazael M. Diego
Majaila Elicon L. Lapitan
Krissy Ann M. Sotto
Precious Grace A. Cerezo
Shenna R. Salvatierra
Rachelle Joy C. Comilang
Kathleen Joy T. de Guzman

Submitted To:
Mrs. Marites Estepa
(Subject Teacher)
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