Improving the Office Layout of Bay’s Municipal Hall

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Improving the Office Layout of Bay’s Municipal Hall
Montecillo, Ma. Nissa
Oncinian, Dianne Karisse
Taay, Cielo Mae
Torres, Dana Kris
Villanueva, Nelgee

Layout should be flexible and dynamic. There are layout
strategies which can be used for developing economic and
good layout. Office layout was analyzed in this study to
determine the positioning of the departments for a better flow of materials and information in the system. Alternatives such as the use of Manual CORELAP, POM in designing the layout
of the departments were utilized. The alternatives were
evaluated and the POM turned out to be the best alternative. Figure 1. Location of the subject under study.


B. Picture of the Infrastructure under Study

Productivity of the office is affected by several factors, one of which is the office layout. As what the term implies office
layout deals with the arrangement, design and set up of an
office. The layout of the office should reflect the needs of the employees.
Planning of the office layout considers determining of the
physical components order into a synchronized unit, either
departmental or team groupings, providing the best
opportunity to effectively handle the volume and flow of
work and the type of information necessary to carry out a
mission (1).
The objectives of the office layout design is to produce a
smooth flow of paperwork, to use effectively the space
provided in order to aid good supervision, to locate physical components such as equipment, machine and aisles handily,
to add comfort of the employees, to present a good ambiance
and to provide flexibility for future changes (1).

Figure 2. Infrastructure under study.

C. Services
As indicated on the Municipality of Bay Citizen’s Charter (A Guidebook on the Municipal Government’s Frontline
Services), the services offered by the municipal office are
classified according to the department it is mainly involved.

General Overview
A. Location

For the Municipal Treasurer’s Office, acceptance of payment for all the transactions in the Municipal Building is the
frontline service. They also handle the Business Permit and
Licensing service. For the Municipal Health Office, the
issuance of Medical and Dental Certificate are the frontline services. For the Municipal Registry Office, the issuance of the Live Birth, Marriage, and Death Certificate are the frontline services. For the Municipal Social Welfare and Development

Office, the releasing of assistance for the needy citizens is the

The Municipal Building of Bay is situated at J.P. Rizal
Avenue, near the Bay Public Market. The location map is
shown in the figure below.


frontline service. For the Municipal Agriculture Office, the releasing of assistance for the farmers and farm owners is the frontline service. For the Municipal Assessor’s Office, the Real Property Tax Payment is the frontline service. For the

Municipal Engineer’s Office, the inspection of buildings and structures, and issuance of Building Permit are the frontline services. For the Mayor’s Office, the issuance of Business Permit, Burial Permit, Mayor’s Permit, Letter of

Recommendation for Employment, and Mayor’s Clearance are
the frontline services. And, for the Sangguniang Bayan Office, the Issuance of Certified Copies of Resolutions/Ordinances is the frontline service.

in its optimum.
In this study, office planning was done in order to produce a smooth product flow of paperwork and use the spaces
effectively while at the same time adding comfort to the
people working and presenting a favorable appearance to the
municipality. The proponents determined the arrangement of
the municipality’s physical components because the
proponents think that the current layout of the place could be further optimized into a more coordinated unit to make the
flow of information more effective.

D. Suppliers and Customers

In order to improve the current...
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