Improving Texas with Autocratic Power

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  • Published : June 30, 2012
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1.- If i was given autocratic power over Texas to reduce the rate of poverty, I would improve education standards and financing in public schools, a well-planned programs for the supporting of colonias and its habitants, and a fight against individualism in Texas. First of all, improving education will automatically help the state with the poverty rate. Having a well-developed education from elementary to college or university will allow the society to easily find a job after concluding their education. A well-developed education means that the student must be taught how to work since early age. Also, good education must include teaching them how harmful drugs and sins can be. A good sex education is also a good subject to be based on, according that many young children get pregnant when they still have not finished with school. Then, although all of this can be made, the financing of the students should be done in an equality program, in regards that all of the students deserve an financial aid to complete their education, according that not all of them have the necessary money to do this. Then, there are some impoverished rural areas with lacking of social services, education, paved streets, and safe and hygienic houses, these areas are called colonias. Texas is the state with the highest number of colonias in the U.S., almost 340 000 of Texans live in colonias . Most part of these colonias are situated in the border of Texas with Mexico. A good program for helping habitants of colonias can help with the poverty in the U.S., according that there is a really high of Texans living in this areas. Helping colonias with financial aid for education, giving them social services, such as water, electricity, and gas, helping them with the learning of English language and this kind of stuff included in a well developed program for these habitants could dramatically drop the rate of poverty in Texas. Finally, individualistic culture could be the last but not less...
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