Improving Social and Living Conditions

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  • Published : March 5, 2013
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Essay 1
In the late nineteenth century until the early twentieth century, progressive era reformers pushed to address problems with the workplace and living conditions in cities. Reform efforts greatly improved the workplace and living conditions in the cities.

During the nineteenth and twentieth centuries the workplace was unsafe to be in. Reformers acknowledged this and worked to improve its conditions. Children and women both worked in unsafe conditions. Many children died or became sick. Reformers banned child labor through the National Child Labor Committee. Reformers also wanted equal rights for women in the workplace. Before they were being paid lower wages than men and did not have as many rights. Reformers pushed for a minimum wage for all workers for equality. The buildings themselves were unsafe to be working in too, so reformers pushed for building codes. These codes ensured a safe working environment for workers. Progressive Era reformers were successful in making the workplace a better place. They banned child labor, which saved many children’s lives and gave them hope for the future. They also made a minimum wage for all workers. Lastly, reformers instilled building codes for the safety of all. Reformers were successful in their attempts at reforming the workplace for the better.

Reformers during the progressive era also attempted reforming living conditions in cities. Reformers enacted the Pure Food and Drug act. This act made it so that hazardous materials and other dangerous things would not be put into the products that people would be eating. Building codes were also enacted. One of these codes made it so that in crowded apartments there must be one toilet for every two families. This was good because it lessened filth in cities. Playgrounds were also built because children were not allowed to work anymore and children are most impressionable during those years as a child. Lastly garbage was picked off the streets to make the cities more...
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