Improving Reading Skills

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Ways to improve one’s reading strategies
Reading can be divided into three categories, pre-reading, reading, and post-reading. In pre-reading, you will have to collect and define vocabulary terms from the text. This will help you to understand words that otherwise disturb your reading. It will also help you with the increase of vocabulary words and meaning. You can also record the terms in the margins of the book or in a writing journal. Another strategy would be to preview comprehension questions so that you can focus on answering those questions as you read. While you are reading, you should now be asking questions like. Who What When Where and Why? You can also be making summaries of the plot, and collecting details and writing observations on post-it notes. If you have already previewed comprehension questions, you can, or should be answering the questions as your reading. After you have read the material your next step will be post-reading, or summarizing. A summary can have many different forms, including discussing, journals, double-entry journals, and maybe letters. For example, you can create an sequence that summarizes the action of a narrative, you can also write a journal from a particular character's point of view. Another thing that you can do is set up a double-entry journal about the theme of a work, or can summarize events in a letter that one character writes to another. Another easy way of doing this would be to generating questions. You can generate questions by adapting sentences from the text. You should also generate questions to identify your own uncertainties about the text. Maybe after you

have produced some questions of the reading you can try to answer some of your questions you have produced to get better knowledge of the material. For different types of reading materials such as Biology you need to understand the terminology in order to comprehend what you are trying to apply. In mathematics you will have to understand formulas...
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