Improving Productivity Using I.T

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Improving Productivity using I.T

1.3 plan how to carry out tasks using IT to achieve the required purpose and outcome.

A lot of businesses now use IT systems to produce a number of different documentation that all require a different purpose or used for a certain outcome. All of these things have started off in the same way. As a paper draft version. For example, if I were to produce a flyer for our company the ideal way for me to start would be to grab a piece of paper and do the following step by step list:

* Create a spider diagram containing what information is needed to achieve the required look * Researched sections of each diagram to create information to use within the documentation * Make a rough design on how we want the document to look. For example: crate a rough design of a flyer as to where picture boxes and text boxes are likely to go for maximum affect * Using publisher create a rough draft from your sketch. We do this purely to the fact we can always save and come back later if desirable affect is not achieved. * Input all you gathered information into your publisher document and complete as needed * Proof read your document. You do not want a professional looking piece going out into the community with bad grammar of spelling mistakes. * Always ask another member if staff to have a look over your documentation. It is always advisable to do this as they will be able to give critic on your work, advising you what works and what doesn’t * Finally make any amendments needed before print.

By following the simple list above always ensures that my produce has the required purpose and desirable outcome.

1.4 Describe any factors that may affect the task

There are a few different factors that may affect you whilst using IT to produce work. The first factor we all have problems with is the reliability of the information we have gathered to support our work. It is extremely hard to judge what...
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