Improving Personal Reading and Writing Habits

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  • Published : February 20, 2013
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I really don’t read or write that often. I have probably read about a total of ten books throughout my entire life. I usually read for about one hour of accumulated time during a day. When I read it is usually something online from websites such as I read things that are interesting to my mind like sports. Some fictional pieces aren’t bad too. When I am reading about sports I soak up the information and stories like a sponge with water. This happens because I have loved sports since I was about five years old. I need to learn how to apply the same ability when I read things that aren’t interesting to me. Sometimes I will read slower and maybe even take notes so I can remember and understand boring things to me. The only time I ever write is if I am texting on my phone or typing on the computer. When I text on the phone I don’t use good grammar, punctuation, or spelling. The reason I write so improperly on texts is for the speed and my friends usually understand what I am saying without it having to be proper. The typing on the computer I do is usually for school so I do proof read and revise items for mistakes. When I am writing for assignments in school it isn’t free writing that just comes from my mind. I have to do research and put work into the writings which isn’t fun. I like free writing whatever is on my mind. I would like to start writing because it is something new to do. Instead of doing the same old thing when I am bored, I can write. Writing can be relaxing and it can exercise the mind. Hopefully taking an English class in college will urge me start writing and reading more books to further my skills in reading and writing. Our English teacher Dr. Roy-Davis expects us to write regularly, she writes, “at least one draft or essay each week” (Roy-Davis). This would be huge change to me considering I don’t write any essays at all. If I start writing an essay every week it would most likely be about the events that happened...
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