Improving Organizational Performance Simulation Summary

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Improving Organizational Performance Simulation Summary
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Catherine Floyd-Jennings

Improving Organizational Performance Simulation Summary
Airdevils is the stunt company out of Salt Lake City, Utah that the "Improving Organizational Performance" Simulation is based on. The fictitious organization was single handedly founded in 1995 by Clesey Evans. Providing ground-breaking, daring stunt performances for marketing firms and film producers won Celsey the title of best female airborne aerobic performer. Celsey and her four colleagues, who later joined Airdevils in 1996, built Airdevils into a flourishing organization of 115 employees. Airdevil employs 75 stunt performers of which makes up 75 percent of the organization (University of Phoenix, 2005). The organization has won numerous awards because of their daring stunts and customers were also dedicated to working with the organization. Employees have also became more loyal as well. Since the founding team has retired ad acts from the organization, the quality of work has declined and employees have left the organization. Customers have voiced their distaste with the quality of work performed and employees have decided to make money doing stunts elsewhere. Employees are concerned about their pay and job satisfaction levels are low. There is also a concern with job security because the customers are not satisfied with the work performed and therefore they are not utilizing Airdevil's services.

With the recent turn of events with Airdevils, Clesey has become concerned. The quality of work greatly decreased and the employees lacked the drive to impress the customers. In order to rectify the problem, Celsey had to take action. Her first step was to initiate a job description index (JDI). A JDI is a survey that is given to employees to measure job performance. Because I am the organizational psychologist with Dream Teamworks, I will assist Celsey with identifying the reason of the decrease in job satisfaction among the stunt group. After the employees receive the survey, the results will be analyzed and the cause of the decrease in employee satisfaction will be identified. The organizational structure as well as the work of Airdevils will need to be analyzed to facilitate a clear conclusion as to how the job satisfaction reached an all time low. The comments on the blog can also be utilized as a source of information. The cause, course correction, making a formation, and support under stress are the four phases of the improving organizational performance simulation. Information such as promotional guidelines, employee pay, and the employees opinions on management was provided by the JDI survey. The comments posted on the blogs by employees of Airdevil were used as tools to help in analyzing and understanding Airdevil's current situation.

Phase One
The cause, which is the first phase of the improving organizational performance simulation, was directed at identifying the cause of Airdevil's employee dissatisfaction. JDI survey revealed that employees felt restricted when it came to do new and creative stunts. The result of achieving these goals is the customer satisfaction (performance feedback) with the new stunts (Jex & Britt, 2008). Internet postings and the blog postings showed that employees were also concerned about job satisfaction. Viewing the profile of a stunt performer, I concluded that stunt devils are motivated by challenges. Also reading the blogs help to conclude more probable answer. When a stunt is perfected, they do not keep doing that stunt, they look to work on a new more challenging stunt.

Phase Two
Providing interventions to improve job satisfaction within Celsey's budget was the task of Phase two, course correction. Because the employees felt that they were being inhibited from learning and training for new stunts called for a new course of action. A course of action was identified by...
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