Improving Memory as One Ages

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  • Published : January 27, 2013
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Improving Memory as One Ages
“Our Memory is one of the integral parts of day-to-day human life. We’re using it every moment, consciously or not, as we perceive the world and interpret it based on our memories and experiences, or as we look for the car keys, trying to recall where, exactly, was the last place they were seen.” (Joel) Memory plays an essential role on a daily basis. Humans use their memory to comprehend thus they can complete their daily responsibilities. If an individual has memory amnesia, they wouldn’t be able to remember anything. Therefore, there are many different ways to improve our memory. Many people just think improving memory is effortless, but there are several ways, such as maintence rehearsing/elaborative rehearsing and maintaining a healthy brain.

Rehearsal keeps information relevant and makes it easier to remember. It keeps information in the working memory and then moves it to long-term memory. Improving memory can be completed by either maintenance rehearsal or elaborative rehearsal. One can perform maintenance rehearsal by repeating information over and over so it will not fade away in their memory. (Joel) Elaborative rehearsal is a little more complex. It is usually more effective then maintenance rehearsal. It is when somebody gives a meaning to information and relates it to what they already know. An example of elaborative rehearsal is putting images in your head that relate to a specific topic. (Joel)

Staying healthy and maintaining equilibrium is always important for your entire body. Physiologically, your synapses play an essential role in memory. Stress in a major cause of synapse dysfunction. (Belvoir) It corrupts the function of neurotransmitters. Distressing or relaxing can improve memory by focusing on what is trying to be remembered. Exercises can also maintain a healthy brain. For example, one can complete puzzle or brain challenges. Eating nutritious diets, getting plentiful sleep, and avoiding drugs can...
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