Improving Heart Failure Self-Care Management

Topics: Managed care, Health care, Randomized controlled trial Pages: 24 (7853 words) Published: May 9, 2013

Improving Heart Failure Self-care Management Education to decrease Hospital readmissions Remonne Joseph
Grand Canyon University
Professional Research Project
Prof. Peremislov
January 21, 2012


Heart Failure (HF) is the single cardiovascular disease that is growing in incidence prevalence and occurrence. The disease is responsible for repeated illness, decreased quality of life, and hospital readmissions. Across the nation heart failure is a primary adult diagnosis in most hospitals, with associated adverse outcomes to the patient, families and society in general. HF is a prolonged devastating disease that affects millions of people yearly. Individuals with HF are confronted with enduring physical symptoms, emotional stress, and major financial problem. HF has a tremendously high percentage of readmission, with up to 45% of patients readmitted to the hospital within a period of six months after discharge. Current studies have indicated that multidisciplinary disease management programs can significantly decrease the hazardous behavior issues such as non-adherence with prescriptions, diet and postponement in obtaining preventive care leading that may lead to a reduction in rehospitalization.

Health care systems and hospitals are focusing on improving performance and patient outcomes in cardiovascular services with an exact focal point on heart failure. There is a huge attention on heart failure management in avoiding readmissions by decreasing the cost per case, and develop the quality and satisfaction for this exact patient population (Hines, Yu, &Randall, 2010). The Medicare payment advisory commission informs congress of the unnecessary re-hospitalizations as a big high cost and low quality concern. These reports have brought attention to leaders of health care systems around the country to start focusing on preventing heart failure re-hospitalization in hope of possible changes in the healthcare industry. Issel’s model for problem explanation was utilized to build the problem statement. The problem is declared as a greater than before incidence of hospital readmissions between adult patients 17 years of age with exacerbation of identified heart failure problem. All of these readmissions are connected to the physiological equilibrium making the body vulnerable to certain co-morbidities. It is understood that the re- hospitalizations are predisposed by a lack of sufficient primary care clinician education and standard follow up concerning disease management, prevention and the patients' personal health behaviors. Objectives in the management of heart failure are to delay the disease development, reduce symptoms, and avoid worsening of HF that led to hospital readmission. With the prevalence of heart failure growing yearly, it is vital to ensure effective disease management approaches. It is essential to follow those recommendations defined by evidence-based practice for a successful disease management program. The purpose of this project is to review recent evidence-based practice in an effort to maintain heart failure self-care after discharge to reduce rehospitalization. An education approach to increase adherence and permit patients to care for their illness would considerably decrease the frequency of readmission and death for individuals with heart failure. This project will concentrate on patient education, evaluation of understanding this disease management, and continuation through a multidisciplinary method to management of care. Heart failure disease management programs have shown to improve outcomes and education that is taught to patients will enhance their ability to provide self-care after hospital discharge. Institute of Medicine (IOM) stated if the important problem is the system’s design then amelioration in care cannot be reached by further exhausting the present systems of care. The present...
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