Improvements in the Juvenile Justice Process

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  • Published : April 17, 2012
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Improving the Juvenile Justice process and decreasing crime

Let’s just face it; there is a great amount of room for improvement in the juvenile justice department. There will always be room for improvement and I don’t believe that anything can be exactly perfect but there are improvements that can always be made as we learn over time what works and what does not work. Also, I believe that there are further things that can be done to decrease crime rates among juveniles. Through learning about juvenile justice this quarter and researching possible strategies for improvements, I have come up with three basic ideas. We could re-evaluate the way we look at and deal with juveniles, create even more facilities or programs, increase education about the system and juvenile crimes that happens in communities, and expand investigations into juvenile crime. If these ideas are executed and combined there is a chance that we could, in fact, improve and expand the juvenile justice system.

The first problem that I’ve noticed and has stood out to me was the way the system handles out-of-control youths, whether they are just minor status offenders or true delinquents. With the popularity of strict guidelines and plans that the system uses, the system has no way truly dealing with out-of-control juveniles. This often causes a lot of conflicting interests, which can make the juvenile and the worker (or person with the authority and power) in the same way feel conflicted, overwhelmed, and frustrated. The child’s parents often feel the results of this and it often gets thrown off on them. The system might also take out their frustration or stress on the parents or guardians. In my opinion, the reason that out-of-control and unruly youths get the way they are has to do with procedures and how they are dealt with on a day-to-day basis. The longer it takes the system to process the children, the more anger, worry, and frustration it causes to the child. This also does nothing but...
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