Improvement of High Middle Ages

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  • Published : May 19, 2013
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2. In what ways did life improve during the High Middle Ages? Consider in your response the advancements in the Muslim world compared to the Christian one.

Life improved in many ways during the High Middle Ages. Innovations in agriculture, the expansion of new lands and freedoms, and the development of trade routes, are just a few of the improvements made during the High Middle Ages. "This dynamic period shaped European identity and development. Many of the basic social and political patterns and institutions later associated with European history were formed during this era." ("").

Innovations in agriculture made labor easier for peasants like never before. Once such innovation was that of the water mills, which provided the major source of mechanical power. "The water mills were able to ground grain with extraordinary efficiency, and their technology spread rapidly across Europe. Harnessing all this power accomplished what technology in the ancient world had never achieved, it released human power for other uses." (Sherman and Salisbury 244-260). Another agricultural breakthrough was that of the padded horse collar. " The collar made it possible for people to use horses for heavy plowing and pulling." (Sherman and Salisbury 244-260). This improvement was more favored by the lords/landowners then the peasants because now the peasants had to work longer and harder. Due to these new innovations land under cultivation expanded dramatically.

"The clearing of land and new techniques in agricultural led to higher food production, a rise in population, and greater economic freedom. Europe's population almost doubled between 1000-1350; in some regions tripled." (""). With the increasing population, Western Europeans starting to expand their settlements. Many westerns sought new lands in the East. These eastern settlements were a perfect opportunity for peasants searching for better lands and more freedom then they...
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