Improve Your Team Culture with Team Building Activities

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Improve Your Team Culture with Team Building Activities
Colette Peterson,_NY&articleid=1300642 2012
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In today’s business-ran world, having a company with employees who work well together and also enjoy each other’s presence is a great thing to have. It is well known that happiness amongst employees in the work place equals a more productive company. A person would not want to work hard for the company he/she is employed at if they dred going to work every day and dealing with employees they either do not like or they don’t work well with. Many business’ have figured out this strategy and have made changes to encorporate employees to get to know each other better and eventually work better with each other.

In the article Improve Your Team Culture with Team Building Activities, Colette Peterson describes many team building exercises that truly would help any cultural diverse company. She opens up the article stating that “team building activities help build a purposeful team culture within your organization”. Colette explains in three different strategies how to improve team culture in the work-place: build camaraderie with interactive sessions, learn to think creatively, and feel good by giving back.

Peterson’s first strategy to having cultural success is building camaraderie with interactive sessions. In other words in your next meeting, conduct social building exercises between your employees that are fun and productive. I personally agree with this strategy and think it would help a huge amount of companies. In my experience with the work place, its very hard to come across employees that are socially and culturally alike, but instead their work ethic is quite the same. If the companies I had worked for at the time conducted a few of these meetings either during work hours or recreational time, they would encounter more success within their employees.

The next strategy...
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