Improper Waste Disposal

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Proper waste disposal minimizes the spread of infections and reduces the risk of accidental injury to staff, clients, visitors, and the local community and it helps provide an aesthetically pleasing atmosphere. It also reduces odors and reduces the likelihood of contamination of the soil or ground water with chemicals or microorganisms. Biodegradable waste is a type of waste, typically originating from plant or animal sources, which may be broken down by other living organisms. Non-biodegradable is a type of waste that cannot be broken down by other living organisms. As the number of people increases in a certain place, the state of being industrialized is also increasing. So, it tells us that waste management is becoming a serious problem not only in the Philippines but also all over the world. Proper way of waste disposal is the most crucial issue to the public, especially to the health of the people and the effect of it in the environment. In order to prevent this kind of problem in our society, we must learn the proper disposal of our garbage. It helps us to have a cleaner environment and lessen the chances of spreading diseases due to the improper waste disposal and it also lessen the possibility of contamination in not only in air, land, but as well as in ground water. If you are aiming to have a cleaner environment, we can use the different alternative as follows: 1.) SEGREGATING

a. It is the process of separating biodegradable and non-biodegradable garbage. Biodegradable:
Saw dust
Peel of the fruits/vegetables
Candy wrappers
Empty bottles / cans
Plastic cups
It is the process where biodegradable waste is place in certain tank or a hole (Leaves Saw dust, Peel of the fruits/vegetables). It will be place there for a certain time to let it decompose by the help of the decomposers. After the decomposition, the decompose waste can now be used as a fertilizer for plants. 3.)    RECYCLING

It is the most useful and helpful way in the management of waste. For non-biodegradable waste, we can recycle it by creating helpful and useful things out of it such as plastic bottles can be made as decorations in the houses. Used magazines can be made into beautiful pillows. It can also be the source of income in the community. This can really reduced pollution, save our natural resources and conserve energy in the households. Some ways in reducing waste:

a.)    Choose durable items instead of disposal items.
b.)    Buy rechargeable batteries so that you can use it all over again. c.)     Used and reuse cloths napkin instead of using paper napkins. d.)    Use reusable shopping bags instead of plastics bags.

Ways on Minimizing Waste and Disposing Them
proper waste disposal is of great importance to both rural and urban areas. Not doing this may bring us to danger in many ways and surely everybody knows this. Time and again, people are always being educated about the importance of waste disposal but then this process should not stop because every now and then, people forget. Some of the kids grow, even if they have learned the proper way of disposing the waste someday they will still forget about it. Big thanks to the people who make effort to spread the word and continue to be of service to other people. As a matter of fact, we can see to it that it’s not that easy to be in their situation because sometimes, most of them work voluntarily. Going back to proper waste disposal, there are so many ways on how people can minimize the accumulation of waste for lesser job to be done in the future. One is through recycling. When you recycle at an earlier time, this will be very helpful. Aside from lessening your work load, you will also be earning. What I mean is that if you are not really that good in turning trash into something – at least you’ll be selling them which will add up to your income. The world is getting tough...
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