Impressions of Lady Macbeth

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  • Published : October 14, 2012
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Impressions of Lady Macbeth
During Act 2 Scene 2 of the play Macbeth, written by William Shakespeare. This scene shows the extent of how far the witches prophecies have affected them by making them ‘hungry’ for power. We get many ‘impressions’ of what the kind of character Lady Macbeth can be. I think that during this scene Lady Macbeth feels like she has become a brave, fearless and mentally, as well as physically, stronger woman during this scene. ‘That which hath made them drunk hath made me bold’. This explains that when she had got the guards drunk, it makes her feel stronger and bold – as if she can do anything. This also shows that she’s very brave and strong because a regular woman in those days would not commit such crimes or deeds – or maybe even know how to commit such treason; so maybe she feels stronger for not being ‘lady-like’ and being so evil. During this scene I think Lady Macbeth feels like she has too much power and strength in her. ‘A foolish thought, to say a sorry sight.’ – is what she says after Macbeth has come back from killing King Duncan after Macbeth says ‘This is a sorry sight.’ It shows that Lady Macbeth likes the feeling of being part of a murder; or even the sight of blood on a cold-hearted killer! She doesn’t feel guilty in any way. Additionally showing that she doesn’t feel afraid of the consequences, and that Macbeth is becoming paranoid and scared.
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