Impressionable Minds

Topics: Television, Family, Pregnancy Pages: 3 (1182 words) Published: October 11, 2012
Katie Tkachuk
Professor Hake
26 September 2012
Impressionable Minds
We find ourselves in a modern world, during the so-called “age of information” and “age of technology”. But what else is it an age of? What seems to be a promising future is muddied up by corruption and lies. Our technology isn’t just a source of valuable information, but also of lies, advertisements, and propaganda. Everything is getting more technological and the American family has lost many of its traditional values because of it. “Spending time with family” is now synonymous to “watching TV together”, your child’s teacher is now Dora, and your teen’s role model is Kesha. The media affects every aspect of family life, but it has the most direct impact on our children; it affects the way they are brought up, therefore affecting what kind of adults they become. From a young age, American children are raised by the television; the TV has become their babysitter, their teacher, and their friend. The parents are busy and have barely any time to spend with their children. One parent could be at work while another is doing household chores, so who will watch the baby? Well, the toddler seems entranced by Elmo on television, so the stay-at-home parent doesn’t need to worry. At least that’s the mindset of many American parents. Quality time spent with their children is cut down, at first because they have no time, but later forming a habit in the child as the child gets addicted to watching television and would rather do that than spend time with his/her parents. At first, the parents think it’s fine; the shows are educational so what’s the harm? What they don’t notice are all the advertisements that are scattered within each episode. During kid’s shows, there are advertisements geared specifically towards children, easily manipulating their impressionable minds. They play with the child’s emotions, drawing on their feelings of jealousy and fear of becoming an outcast for not having...
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