Impression Management (Dramaturgy)

Topics: Sociology, The Presentation of Self in Everyday Life, Erving Goffman Pages: 2 (582 words) Published: November 15, 2012
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Impression Management in Action

Dramaturgy is a sociological perspective starting from symbolic interactionism, and commonly used in micro sociological accounts of social interaction in everyday life. In dramaturgical sociology it is argued that human actions are dependent upon time, place, and audience. In other words, to Erving Goffman, the pioneer of dramaturgal analysis, the self is a sense of who one is, a dramatic effect emerging from the immediate scene being presented. Goffman forms a theatrical metaphor in defining the method in which one human being presents itself to another based on cultural values, norms, and expectations. In this experiment, impression management awareness is what I’m striving for. By observing my own behavior in two different social situations and doing a comparative analysis, I will try to establish the importance of varied personalities.

For my first social setting, I chose the amorous excursion with the girlfriend, Ana. It was a Sunday morning, one of those cool brisk autumn mornings. We began our day with the usual activity, food. Avidly, we made our to the nearest IHOP and indulged in a massive barrage of pancakes. While devouring our pancakes, I observed the character traits I exhibit while I’m with her. To begin, I noticed that flirting comes naturally, almost subconsciously, in our conversations. The occasional “How do you manage to stay so pretty?” or “Your beautiful just the way you are” is a particular happening that I notice the most. Also the antics we pull were together. Playful fighting, teasing each other, or basically trying to make each other laugh is something we both enact. I find myself playing the role of boyfriend and her of girlfriend; in the sense of the way we act. Our amative nature and affectionate body language, holding hands or caressing, is existent only when I’m with my girlfriend.

For my second social setting, I chose the most homely, hearty and comfortable place...
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