Impression Formation

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  • Published: April 30, 2013
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Impression Formation
The question being posed is does different stimuli affect a person’s impression of something or someone. This report seeks to learn if video and audio stimuli has an effect on peoples view on a certain subject or person. The investigation type that will be used for this investigation will be experimental, as the researchers can manipulate and measure the variables and the effect they have on the participants. Two groups of participants will be given either an audio or video stimuli, the results will then be recorded and compiled. It is hypothesized that the video stimuli will have a greater impression on the participants than the audio stimuli. The data type that this information will be compiled into will be subjective quantitative because there are numbers with opinion being recorded. The data collected will be displayed in a table format .The dependent variable in this experiment will be changing impressions of the subjects while the independent variable will be the audio and video stimuli. Therefore this investigation hopes to discover the effect of audio and video stimuli on the impressions people form. This investigation is ethically correct according to SACE regulations.

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This experiment will focus solely on impression formation, how an impression of a character forms itself in us. There are things to consider that affects the impression you make of someone. Basic communication, and non-verbal communication, for example physical characteristics (gender, height, weight, skin colour, age), face (attractiveness, shape, features), eye contact (staring often considered hostile, eye contact untrustworthy) lead to general assumptions and ideas that beautiful people, and people with baby faces are perceived as ‘good’ and more trustworthy than others. Stance, movements and gestures, para-language, and verbal communication also play a part in how we form impressions of people- what we see...
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