Important Qualities in a Leader

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  • Published : October 25, 2010
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Important Qualities in A leader Of Today’s Society

Leaders they say are made, not born. Being a leader of our today’s society involves great deal of courage and intellect. At first who is a leader? A leader is a person that is in charge of ruling and proceeding over a specific group of people. A leader can be democratic, autocratic, or laissez-faire in ruling you his/her people. For a leader to rule, he must be educationally, socially, and spiritually deep-rooted. Firstly, every follower requires some one to look up to, some one to depend on, so it is expected of a leader to be a positive role model. Also this cannot be attained if the leader is not literate, so it required of a leader to be educationally well grounded. Besides this, it is expected of a leader to be able to give speech fluently and be self-oriented. For instance, the U.S. President Barrack Obama is known for his speech giving skills in addressing the country. He’s supposed to settle the country’s affairs without involving the public. But if he is not literate enough to do all theses duties, he is logically therefore not a good leader. Secondly, leaders are required to be social, be open-minded to their followers and be easily accessible by the people they govern. This is a very important quality that a leader of today must posses, because without a leader being close his/her follower, the society cannot develop and move forward to a better stage. Also it is important in a leader to dress modest, and have a good background and personality. Lastly, every one they say is not above mistake and this epidemic often happens to a leader and so it is required in a leader to be able to say “I’m sorry” and acknowledge his/her wrong and apologize to the people he/she rules over. For instance, let’s take a look in history, the French King Louis XVI was overthrown and executed, because he squandered the country’s money on his wife queen Antoinette and didn’t apologize....
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