Important of Practical Education

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  • Published : August 8, 2012
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Importance Of Practical Education

Education may be two types- theoretical and practical. When and learn from it, we are acquiring theoretical education. When we see things with our own eyes, and do things with our own hands, that is practical education. Theoretical education is necessary but it must be supplemented by practical education, if it is to be really effective. Travelling helps to give us this practical education.

In our geography books we may read of the climate and vegetation of mountainous countries. A visit to Darjeeling will fix that knowledge in our mind for ever. We read of the glory that was Delhi during the Mogul period of Indian history. A visit to Delhi will make these ideas real to us. We read marvelous descriptions of the sea in work of literature. A sight of the sea will certainly enhance our enjoyment of the beauty of such literature. In this way, travel supplements books knowledge.

More than this, traveling sometimes teaches us things which we have not come across in our books. Thus when we are moving from one place to another, we may notice the manners and customs of the people and learn much from them. It is by no means rare to meet people who have picked up a foreign language when they travelled to another land and remained there for some time. While travelling we may note the ways of life of other people, nations, take from what is good, and so improve the life of our life of our own people. This wears down any aloofness in the character of the traveler and he becomes much more sociable than he was. A much travelled man is always a pleasant companion. Not only has he a good store of interesting and instructive anecdotes at his command; he has generally a very pleasing personality which cannot but win us over in a few seconds.
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