Important of Note Taking

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  • Published : October 12, 2012
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Q1A. Discuss FIVE (5) reasons why it is important to take notes while you read and when you attend tutorial classes.

Note taking is the process of recording vital information. Our human brain cannot remember everything that has been read or heard that’s why we need to take note while reading or attending tutorial. Besides this there is other importance in note taking.

Note taking is mostly important to students because it helps them to remember better. As mentioned previously people cannot remember everything and to make it worst a typical text book comprises of redundant and significant info. So what happens if a student does not take notes while reading book? Obviously it’s disastrous because without taking down important facts most likely the student is trying to remember unwanted data. This in return is going to cause information overload to the brain and the probability of missing out an important fact is high.

Another importance of taking note is that it helps students to stay focused in tutorial classes. Let’s admit it, almost all students will find lectures very boring which causes their mind to wonder away or even to doze off. In order to avoid this students are advised to take note. Why is this so? Because note taking does not mean writing down everything a tutor has said in a one hour class. It’s all about filtering unwanted info and documenting key facts. To do these students need to pay attention to lessons and actively listen. Eventually when students start to focus on their lectures less time will be spent on revising.

Furthermore note taking is significant to students as it can be used to facilitate their revision process. As all of are aware of, university text books consist of hundred or even thousands of pages. Besides the many pages the books are also made up of lengthy lines. Reading them can be tedious and time consuming especially when you’re preparing for examination. By taking down the key notes the first time...
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