Important of Breathing During Cardio-Kickboxing

Topics: Oxygen, Exercise, Carbon dioxide Pages: 2 (659 words) Published: October 30, 2011
After the third session of my weekly cardio-kickboxing, I had the urge to give up as I am displeased with how my body breaks down when I am only half-way into the session. I might injure my body if I continue to persevere. Nevertheless, determined to lose weight, I turned to my instructor for help, only to understand that breathing is the cause of my body breaking down. Cardio-kickboxing is a high intensity, fast-paced full-body workout comprising of movements from aerobics and kickboxing. With continuous slow and deep breathing into the diaphragm during workout, it stimulates and trains the body to withstand any strenuous exercise, thus improving one’s stamina. It is unlike normal breathings that are shallow whereby the lungs are not filled completely with substantial oxygen for optimal health. Hence, to reap maximum effectiveness at minimal risk during every session of cardio-kickboxing, it is important that proper breathing is followed throughout the workout, from warming up to cooling down. To have accurate breathing, posture plays a primary role. In order to deliver powerful punches and kicks, one’s back must be straight with shoulders to the back and knees apart as wide as the distance of the shoulders. This enhances breathing as the lungs would be able to hold a larger amount of oxygen thus, ensuring all parts of the body receiving the right amount of oxygen and ensures all body parts get rejuvenated. When warming up for every cardio-kickboxing session, it is crucial that one breathes slowly and deeply during stretching to expand the lungs fully when inhaling through nasal passages and exhaling through mouth. With more oxygen in the blood, one will feel less fatigue when working out. And, an increase in heart rate indicates that the body is ready for any intense exercise. In every cardio-kickboxing movement, the mind relaxes and calms down when slow deep breaths are performed. Thus, improving focus when one jumps incessantly at a steady momentum to...
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