Important Factors in Employee Motivation

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  • Published : October 11, 2012
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Important Factors in Employee Motivation
The motivation of employees is one of the most vital requirements in the contemporary business development. People from all works of life may hold distinct views towards the topic that what are the radical motivating factors. Actually, it was salary that used to be considered as the most important motivators, as financial reward was comparatively proposed to be traded on impelling hirelings' motivation, according to some early theories(Wiley,1997). However, some different factors of motivation, which now are universally favored by companies and conglomerates, may be more essential than personal emolument. This essay attempts to demonstrate these major factors in motivating employees, including empowerment, esteem demands and compensation in both physical and psychological aspects.

Delegating more responsibility to workers is an efficacious way to increase job satisfaction, as well as employees motivation (Herzberg,1987 cited in Madura,2008). It means employees may be motivated by being involved in general affairs or being offered the power to participate in decision making, which can be equivalently called empowerment (Madura,2008) and this has been executed at numerous companies or by some notable people such as Warren Buffet.Once he left the investment in his manager and employees' charge even without any periodical supervision, only in the case that the manager demanded to have a deliberation for exigent matters.Therefore,the personnels were empowered and they would devote all themselves to work, in order to accomplish a better consequence, since so colossal responsibility were on their shoulders (Luke,2011). Strikingly, it not only promoted the production but also increased employees' enthusiasm and required capacity for later work. In addition, Tesco, a world famous conglomerate for commodity and service offering, also attaches importance to responsibility delegation. It stages informal discussion annually,...
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