Important Elements of a Campaign Strategy

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  • Published : October 8, 1999
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Important Elements of a Campaign Strategy

Campaigning for any type of elected office requires a sharp eye for detail in regard to what voters are looking for in a candidate. A campaign strategy should be comprehensive in its efforts to reach as many voters as possible. Yet, without a solid base of ideas from which to expand upon, the message being conveyed can easily be lost or taken out of context. In order for a campaign manager to avoid this blunder from occurring and maximize the candidate's chances of victory, he or she must pay attention to a few basic campaigning elements before attempting to stretch the campaign to its maximum visibility. First, the campaign manager must identify the important issues in the election as well as the voters supporting the candidate and those who are undecided. Developing a general campaign theme, preferably one with a catchy phrase to use in speeches, is the second critical element. Finally, an important concept that must be incorporated throughout the campaign is the wise use of the media, both paid and earned.

Identifying the important issues and the voting makeup of the constituency is a preparatory task that should be done mainly before the start of the campaign. The decline of partisanship has led to a rise in issue-based voting, therefore making a candidate's knowledge of the issues a much greater factor. Yet, simply having knowledge of an issue is not sufficient. A concrete stance should be taken on positional issues. The phrase "concrete stance" tends to imply that the position taken should be somewhat extreme when all it really infers is that it should be a belief held consistent throughout the campaign. In all actuality, it is in a candidate's best interest to avoid taking any extreme views if at all possible. Recognizing the voters who are supporting the office seeker is important in managing a campaign because it helps to ensure retaining those voters. More importantly, the undecided voters or...
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