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Topics: Social class, Working class, Neil Young Pages: 3 (1072 words) Published: September 26, 2011
Describe an important relationship in the text(s). Explain why this relationship helped you understand a character OR idea in the text(s) Story1: Her First Ball
The important relationship between: Leila and The Fat Man.
The idea this relationship helped me understand the text is: Society places expectations on teenagers that are difficult to live up to- teenagers are expected to behave like adults when they are emotionally not ready for the realities of adulthood Because: while Leila is at the ball for the first time, she gets acquainted with a scruffy fat man. The fat man tells Leila the harsh realities of being an adult. In which this makes Leila feel home sick and wishing she wasn’t an adult. Goal: To give enough explanation and detail to pass this essay

Story2: The Garden Party
The important relationship between: Laura and the dead man
The idea this relationship helped me understand the text is: It is important to have a broad and objective view of life, and not let it be shaped by society/ class distinctions Because: It shows how Laura thought of the dead man and his family. She felt. Laura felt many sympathetic emotions for him and his family, it made her begin to accept class distinction as Laura was from an upper class family compared to the dead mans family. Goal: To give enough explanation and detail to pass this essay

Katherine Mansfield one of many famous New Zealand writers, help us understand an important relationship in a character and/ or idea in the text. Leila from Her First Ball and Laura from The Garden Party are characters that have no judgements. Leila is expected by society to behave like an adult when she is at her first ball. She is then acquainted by a scruffy fat man who tells her about the ‘real’ life of adulthood. This helps the reader understand unhappiness. Leila opposes to act an adult on the outside. Nevertheless, it also helps the reader understand a teenager expected to behave like adults when they’re...
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