Important Aspect of a Job

Topics: Happiness, Income, Friendship Pages: 2 (679 words) Published: March 14, 2013
In modern society, people priorities work in order to obtain economic supports. No doubt that salary is one crucial consideration for every job seeker to help earn his or her living. As the saying goes, money makes the world go around. Admittedly, no one can deny the important role money plays in our daily life, however, I disagree with the statement money is the most important aspect of a job. What really matters in a job is not just about money, but it is about passion, the friendship you developed through work, and the happiness you gain from working. As I see, passion is a vital facet of a job. In fact, for many, these may be much more important than money. People should consider an occupation that they are passionate with in order to avoid an insipid life. Assuming that the average working hours for most workers is eight hours per day, which means that these workers may spend one-third of their time on work, and if they get nothing except money during their entire careers, they must feel dissatisfied and disembodied. In contrast, if they have a strong interest for their jobs, their long working durations become meaningful to them. For example, many professors can attain a higher salary jobs compared to their current income outside a university, but they choose to work in a university because they enjoy studying and teaching. In addition, passion for work can also lead to better performance, and then result in great success. Interestingly, although salary is not the initial target in this case, this process driven by passion usually makes a good fortune. Conventional wisdom says that only by working hard can human beings succeed. However, it is not easy for workers to maintain energetic during the entire career unless they are really passionate with their jobs. The yearning and passion for work is the most powerful driving force to compel people toward their goals. Another contributory cause is the friendship you develop through work somehow plays a more...
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