Importances - the Green Mile

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  • Published : January 16, 2006
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During Book 3 of the story "The Green Mile" there are three main events that occur which are very important to the story itself. The first event is when William Wharton comes onto E-Block. William Wharton is a 19 year old crazy killer by the nickname of "Billy the Kid". The second event is when Paul confronted John Coffey about his urinary infection. This is where John Coffey helps solve Paul's problem. The third even in Part 3 is right near the end when Percy attacks the mouse causing Delecroix to begin screaming.

William Wharton comes onto E-block at the beginning of Book 3. Wharton is in jail because he killed three people and an officer during a hold up while attempting escape. William Wharton is known to be crazy and to not give a damn. The first day on E-block for William Wharton he almost killed a guard. The importance of William Wharton, otherwise known as "Billy the Kid", to the story is that he killed the Detterick twins, not John Coffey who is wrongfully accused of the killings. John Coffey was found with the two dead girls but he was only trying to help them. William Wharton is the reason John Coffey is at Cold Mountain Prison. Paul Edgecomb discovers John Coffey's ability to heal things with his bare hands.

The second main event in Part 3 of the "Green Mile" is when John Coffey confronts Paul about Paul's urinary infection. The importance to the story about this event is that John Coffey fixes Paul's problem with his bare hands. John Coffey grabbed Paul on the ball's and began removing the urinary infection by some sort of power. The importance is that John Coffey had never killed the two girls. John Coffey was trying to save the two girls with his "powers". This event then leads to other main events soon as John Coffey helping Delecroix's mouse and also the guards on E-Block trying to help John Coffey from his execution he doesn't deserve. In the end their isn't enough time to save John Coffey. John Coffey also tells...
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