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Topics: Turkey, NATO, Middle East Pages: 2 (733 words) Published: December 7, 2012
What is the importance of Turkey in the Middle East for its relations with the rest of the world?

Turkey is a country with power in the region, and has the capabilities and influence to be a negotiator between the Middle-East and the Rest of the world. Especially in times of increasing conflicts and irritation. Also it is important for the passage of oil and gas.

Turkey is in a difficult position right now, they are in between two worlds. Most of its inhabitants are dedicated Muslims and feel a deep identity with the fellow Islamic countries. But because of Kemalism Turkey is confirmed in to a modern and secular nation state, with more western orientated principles and rules. With a secular state and the alphabet and the improvements of the female right, it truly resisted against the Arabic culture and values and norms of neighbor countries. All dough the rapprochement of Turkey towards a more western orientated system they are still seen as a kind of misfit within the western world. Mostly because of the religion issue and the responding values and norms with this. The western world consist mostly of Christian countries with a common identity namely the Christianity. Another identity crisis issue is the geographically location of Turkey. Turkey is geographically a border of The European continent. One part of the Turkish surface area is part of Europe but the Anatolian part is part of the middle east. But because of their unusual policy and there misfit in both region, they have the power to understand both region and to interact with them, and to let both region to interact with each other.

Generally Turkey is seen as a regional power in the middle east . A regional power is defined by the European Consortium for Political Research as a state belonging to a geographically defined region, dominating this region in economic and military terms, able to exercise hegemonic influence in the region and considerable influence on the world scale,...
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