Importance of a Mother-Daughter Relationship

Topics: Family, Parent, Marriage Pages: 4 (1518 words) Published: December 13, 2012
Endia Crawford
February 5, 2012
English 1301
Professor Farnoosh Moshiri
The Importance of a Mother and Daughter Relationship
Throughout my life, my mother always reflected a very close minded person that was scared for her children to find out anything about her or her past that she was ashamed of. In the duration of my life, my family members that did have knowledge of my mother’s business started telling me shocking things that, for some part, I should have learned years ago. Its almost as if my mother wanted to make her children think she was perfect. I guess that is the goal for all parents but in my mother’s sense, it is weird and unusual . At this moment in time, I am an adult, and most of the things that I learned from everyone else about my mom, she still haven’t opened up and informed me of these stories, which is one reason why me and my mother never really had a bond like a mother and daughter should. I have prayed to my Lord and Savior to bless me and my mother with a close relationship, but I guess my faith just isn’t strong enough. Mothers don’t seem to realize that men of today are very cocky, manipulative, and disrespectful, and as the job of being a mother, daughters should at one point before the age of 16 learn of their past in some kind a way and should be informed on the dos and don’ts when lifelong decisions come into play.

When it came down to men, my mother thinks that boyfriends or husband she not be a factor in a woman’s life. However, she didn’t tell me why she felt so strongly about this, all I knew was that I must never use the word “boyfriend” around my mother when it is pertaining to me, even when it is obvious that a male that I have been dating for the last two years is my boyfriend, yet she still calls him a “friend” just to make herself feel secure. But now, I have come to understanding why my mother is so insecure when it comes to men and relationships. I learned from my sister that my mother was once...
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