Importance of Writing

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The Importance of Writing for Students
Writing defines as a tool to represent writers' thoughts, feelings,and ideas into one component/purpose. As a tool, writing has a function to develop writers' thoughts to be more critical. Writing requires a practical adjustment, and a repetition in order to improve the skill. The practice is vary; however, the basic of practicality involves some sources as a media of learning. Writing prepares writers, especially students, to reach into a larger society in term of showing their ability in an indirect way of communication. Writing plays a very important role in the world of education. Writing builds a way to create students to be more creative. Creativity through writing has unlimited scopes. Scope of writing narrative implicates a wild imagination through certain complex ideas by locating the concept orderly and specifically. Scope of writing an academic progress, such as research paper, requires students to understand in applying a right grammar, and structuring a paragraph. "Creative writing" leads students to do analyzation that trigger them in finding a new invention (Bekurs; Santoli). An analyzation demands students to elaborate and rearrange the words into one whole new perception. Analyzing in this writing process means "to learn how to evaluate" the argument, and "use that information-to find the meaning in the knowledge" (Bekurs; Santoli). According to Santoli and Bekurs, "the foundation of creative writing" must be based on students' "personal interest" (Bekurs; Santoli). Writing develops a social skill in students. A social skill needs a basic foundation of learning how to master a second way of communication, called writing. In particular, a social movement in internet, such as blogging, entangles young people to express theimselve as an individual through writing. This blogging activity is "the expressway to the soul"; moreover, writing reflects the personality of the writers that allow them...
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