Importance of Weather Throughout Sherlock Holmes

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  • Published : March 17, 2013
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The Terrifying Importance of London’s Weather Through Sherlock Holmes

In Sir Arthur Conan Doyle’s stories of Detective Sherlock Holmes, the city of London itself is an important character and has a very active role. The city interferes constantly with the story and places itself dominantly in the novels. It is important to note how the city of London is represented and what kind of role it plays in the tales of Detective Holmes. Looking into how the city not only seems to create its own crime, but how Holmes uses the city to solve its own wrongs is a crucial element behind Doyle’s creation. Understanding dynamic relationship between the thriving port city of London as well as the dark, foggy, and mysterious London is how Sherlock Holmes solves his crimes. By recognizing the vital role the city of London itself plays in the stories, a true comprehension of why Arthur Conan Doyle chose to make London the home base for the world’s most famous detective is evident.

The stories of Detective Sherlock Holmes are set in the Victorian Era, which lasted from 1837 till 1901. It was one of the most flourishing periods of the British Empire, especially for the capital city of London. The Victorian period brought the city a lot of prosperity, and it became the world’s largest city. At the beginning of the nineteenth century, London’s population was one million people and by the end of the century, that number had increased to almost five million (Rosen).

It is impossible to deal with Victorian London without mentioning the one aspect notoriously associated with the city: its fog. Due to the thick and damp fog, all the sounds of the street were muffled and people seemed to disappear like ghosts through its grey curtain. This aspect of Victorian London is of great importance in recognizing the way in which the city created a setting within which crime could flourish. Within the veil of the mist and fog, theft, rape and often murder could occur on an unprecedented scale...
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