Importance of Training for Managers

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Regarding the leadership training, the responses of the managers can be categorized into two parts. By the help of these responses, a lot can be said about their leadership styles and the situation of the firm. First of all, the Google manager says that he does not have any kind of leadership trainings and does not think it is necessary for him. He stresses that the most vital thing for him to do is to manage and assist his staffs in almost every activities and thus, it can be said that the manager for Google is a production oriented leader who is similar to the initiating structure. Just like in the initiating structure, he delegates employees to perform certain tasks, expects them to carry out these tasks properly and sees to it that these tasks are completed on time (Robbins S.P, Judge T.A, Sanghi S, Principles of Organizational Behavior, Behavioral Theories, pg 174). He also emphasizes in the technical aspect of the job and believes that accomplishing the company goals is the most vital thing, having a parallel view as that of the production oriented manager (pg 175). In addition, leadership also depends upon situations, and one of the theories suggests that it is difficult to utilize a managers charismatic leadership styles in lower level management jobs, as in the case of the Google manager. (pg 182) Thus, it is natural for the manager to feel that certain leadership styles are of no use in his job. However, no matter what the job situation, once you are a manger, it is not enough to be complacent and thus, you need to be willing to improve yourself. Blake and Mouton argued that leaders can increase effectiveness if they not only focus on the concern of production but also the concern for people, also known as the consideration, where they emphasize on interpersonal relations and focus on the employee needs. (pg 175) Thus, both these structures are important for effective leadership so it would be better if the Google manager got trainings for...
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